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Assessing Leverage

& Inspecting for Risk

The first of three sessions in our Deal Leader Certification Track, Leverage Management Fundamentals is designed to raise awareness of sales systems, provide tools for reviewing contracts and inspecting proposals, and introduce the basics of managing leverage.

The Fundamentals of Deal-Making

Assessing Leverage & Inspecting for Risk is designed to raise awareness of sales systems, provide tools for reviewing contracts and inspecting proposals, and introduce the basics of managing leverage. Case studies and workshops illustrate the value of information in negotiation, how leverage can shift over time, and where supplier sales teams can hide risky terms within your deal.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Review supplier sales methodologies and value-based pricing systems

  • Understand the three main sources of leverage

  • Assess IT contracts for risk

  • Inspect deal-specific financial models and supplier proposals

  • Learn the 9 key capabilities for Managing Leverage


The course combines interactive discussions and self-guided work built on client case studies, actual contract examples, and real supplier proposals. Participants will return to their organizations with tools in hand to improve execution on their next deal. Tools, frameworks and worksheets include:

Is this a Good Deal?


Risk Assessment


Leverage Management Maturity




Sample Agenda

Module 1: The Pricing Game

  • Introduction to Value Based Pricing - Discussion

  • Negotiations - Workshop

  • Sales Systems and Motivations - Discussion

  • Neutralizing the Sales Game - Discussion

Module 2: Case Study A

  • Contract and Proposal Inspection - Workshop

  • Contract & Proposal Review - Workshop

Module 3: Case Study B

  • Contract and Proposal Case Study - Workshop

  • Leverage Management Overview - Discussion

  • Leverage Management Assessment - Workshop

"The contract risk assessment workshops are invaluable. With the volume of deals coming across my desk, it’s easy to miss small details that can cause a huge mess down the road. These sessions really sharpened my skills."

Contract Manager – Financial Services


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