Client Site Training

Customized curriculum targeting observed gaps in client deal execution based on the best practices of our Leverage Management Maturity Model (LM3).

ClearEdge has developed its education program to directly target gaps in client execution related to the 9 key capabilities of managing leverage. Organizations who excel in these 9 areas consistently demonstrate best-in-class deal execution:

Early Warning System

Do we have an organized approach to starting deals on time?

Risk Assessment & Inspection

Do we understand all contractual and business risks? 

Forecast & Modeling

How much product/service do we need, and when do we need it? 

Deal Timeline Development

Have we documented a calendar of deal-making activities?

Supplier Knowledge

How might supplier sales systems and motivations affect my deal? 

Deal Option Development

What deal alternatives or “Plan Bs” do we have?

Information Control

Executive Engagement

Messaging Development

What information will we protect, and what will we share? 

Are executives informed, aligned and participating on the deal? 

Are we controlling the story with credible and consistent messages? 

Course Offerings

Leverage Management Workshop

Reviewing the 9 capabilities which drive best-in-class deal outcomes and assessing these capabilities within your organization.

Top Observations:

Where Suppliers are Winning

Informed by thousands of client deal engagements, this session highlights patterns of repeated behavior which erode buyer leverage.

Cost, Risk & The Promise of the Cloud

This session reviews the costs, risks and benefits of cloud transformation including how to shift focus from discounts to workloads and efficiency.


Forecast & Spend Modeling Bootcamp

The foundation of any strong deal plan begins with a risk-adjusted demand forecast based on your point of view, not the supplier's.

Sales Targets & Tactics

Look at the strategies and techniques suppliers use to sustain value-based pricing programs and how to use a value-based approach to buying.

Audit Preparation & Defense

Review the key points of the software audit process, including tips for preparation and defense to help  avoid common pitfalls and risks.


Controlling the Compelling Event

Identifying critical information upfront in a buying campaign and deciding what information to share, and what to protect.


Battling Supplier


Understand how suppliers build franchises inside a customer environment leading to reduced buyer leverage and higher pricing.


Stakeholder Alignment Workshop

Discussing the symptoms of mis-alignment and how to identify stakeholder priorities and work to common goals while executing deals.

Where Buyers Lose Leverage in an RFP

RFPs can be a powerful tool when crafted and used properly.  This session reviews common areas of misuse and how suppliers seize on them.

Evolving Nature of the SaaS Deal

How buyers can use lessons learned from Salesforce, Workday and ServiceNow to approach all SaaS solutions.

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Top 5 "Gotchas!" in any IT Contract

From Adobe to zScaler, pricing is only one piece of the puzzle when negotiating.  This session reviews common areas of risk in any deal.

Building an Effective Messaging Plan

Study the motivations of a sales team and how your messaging impacts their view of the forecast and influences deal approval concessions.

IT Services

Best Practices

This session helps buyers improve results and minimize risk in services transactions for outsourcing, professional services, projects and labor.

Controlling the Negotiation

Learn how suppliers systematically uncover information about the buyers’ needs, budgets, agenda to make the final negotiations a non-event.


Meet Your


An inside view of how supplier sales teams run deals and maximize the long-term value of client relationships with real-life examples from the field.