Complex Deal Leadership

Complex Deal Leadership focuses on building a deal plan to align stakeholders and execute with a supplier. Participants will systematically build a deal plan of their choice including stakeholder priority assessment, leverage position, action plan, risk assessment and messaging plan.

Session Overview

Attending ClearEdge Academy’s Complex Spend Leadership Workshop will immerse you in clinic to help you develop a detailed, custom, actionable deal plan for a specific upcoming supplier spend to bring back to your organization.
During two days of intensive, hands-on learning, participants will:

  • Work with coaches and peers to build a customized deal plan for an upcoming spend of their choice

  • Learn how to assess and improve stakeholder alignment 

  • Apply lessons learned from real life case studies to their own spend event

  • Assess leverage, strengths and weaknesses of their current deal and build action plans to improve 

ClearEdge's Leverage Management Maturity Model (LM3) SM will serve as the foundation of the attendee's assessment and action planning, systematically working through the following key questions for a complex deal of the attendees choice: 


Early Warning System

Do we have an organized approach to starting deals on time? 


Risk Assessment & Inspection

Do we understand all contractual and business risks? 


Forecast & Modeling

How much product/service do we need, and when do we need it? 


Deal Timeline Development

Have we documented a calendar of deal-making activities?


Supplier Knowledge

How might supplier sales systems and motivations affect my deal? 


Deal Option Development

What deal alternatives or "Plan Bs" do we have?


Information Control

What information will we protect, and what will we share? 


Executive Engagement

Are executives informed, aligned and participating on the deal? 


Messaging Development

Are we controlling the story with credible and consistent messages? 

Sample Agenda

Module 1

  • Alignment Challenge - Case Study

  • Intro to Leverage & Early Warning

    • Discussion

    • Action Plan

    • Peer Review

Module 2

  • Risk Assessment & Forecast & Modeling

    • Discussion

    • Action Plan

    • Peer Review

Module 3

  • Deal Timeline Development, Supplier Knowledge, Deal Option Development & Information Control

    • Discussion

    • Action Plan

    • Peer Review

Module 4

  • Messaging Development & Executive Engagement

    • Discussion

    • Action Plan

    • Peer Review

  • Review Full Deal Plans

"Prior to attending the Complex Deal Leadership class, my team waited for my direction. Now they are proactive, bringing me their view of our current deal position, a plan to sure up our risk, align our teams, protect leverage and execute our strategy."

Director, IT Procurement – Higher Education


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Complex Deal Leadership is available online for $995/person. 

Group discounts are available for multiple participants from one organization. Contact your ClearEdge account team.

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