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ClearEdge SAM Forums are designed to be highly interactive discussions between SAM practitioners and industry experts. Attendees should be directly involved with their organization’s approach to Software Asset Management, Compliance, and/or Audit Response.

Software Asset Management (SAM) continues to be a major challenge for most organizations, resulting in excess spend and expensive noncompliance. Even when organizations invest in the people, process and technology to track and manage their entitlement and deployment data, SAM programs often fail to produce desired results.

Nowhere is SAM more important than the negotiation process. When there is a lack of visibility to license deployment and entitlement,
negotiators are left guessing the best path forward, aiming for a better discount while ever increasing consumption. Further, audits are often
introduced to disrupt the negotiation process. They are used to drive revenue, gain visibility into product use, and push organizations to
adopt new products or cloud solutions to address compliance issues.

Clients can protect themselves from these practices by understanding their own SAM programs, licenses, deployment and entitlements, and
learn how to fight back. ClearEdge is offering a series of Software Asset Management-focused events delivered by former professional
auditors where we will discuss solutions with those responsible for protecting their organizations.

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ClearEdge takes the health and well-being of our clients seriously. In accordance to the latest CDC guidelines, we will be avoiding large gatherings and plane travel whenever possible. We will be re-formatting upcoming events to online sessions.


Jun 09, 2020


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