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Peer Summits

Join your peers to discuss top deal-making challenges and solutions in a city near you, culminating in our annual ITDM Summit, hosted in Las Vegas for 2020.

IT Deal-Maker Summits | Maximizing Leverage in IT Negotiations

Northern California

Feb 25, 2020

IT Deal-Maker Summit

Las Vegas

May 04, 2020

ITDM 2020


Feb 27, 2020

IT Deal-Maker Summit


Mar 24, 2020

IT Deal-Maker Summit

After reviewing thousands of client deals, ClearEdge continues to see IT suppliers using sales methodologies to win almost every deal before it hits the negotiation table. They do this by systematically mining critical information and eliminating uncertainty about your plans. By leaking critical information, IT deal-makers give away all their leverage on each new deal.

Enterprise Sourcing teams are driven by strong negotiators, with rigorous processes and proven tools such as the RFP, which excel in competitive situations. However, these tried-and-true processes break down as your business becomes more dependent on incumbent solutions. These supplier dependencies drive a wedge between siloed IT and Sourcing teams, increase the risk of critical information leakage, and lead to significant pricing gaps.

Organizations can close these gaps through better alignment of internal teams, strong executive support, and a more rigorous process for controlling critical information and, therefore, negotiations. The results are clear: our clients are freeing up millions of dollars from status quo spending on legacy solutions and re-directing their IT investments toward innovations to grow their business.

Please join us in a city near you for a workshop on maximizing deal leverage and fortifying your ability to negotiate with suppliers from a position of strength.